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August 05, 2009


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Beautiful job Sarah! Kingston is such an adorable little guy, can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

Kristina Brown

Andrew and Jen - Kingston is so adorable. These photos are fantastic and I look forward to see more. Thank you for sharing!

carrie wheeler

Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing - can't wait to see more!


Dianne Royal

Breathtaking! If a picture tells a story, then this tale would be of a baby so beautiful, and so loved--words cannot express what I feel in my heart when I look at my new grandson. In fact, I can't stop looking at him. I am the luckiest grandmother alive.

Ken Royal

I love Kingston's pictures. He's so beautiful, and looks like he'll be a smart as his parents. I'm lucky in many ways, and this just adds another. Oh, I live with the luckiest grandmother in the world. ;>)
Again, these images are brilliant.

Whitney Lebowitz

AHHH KINGSTON LOOKS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! What great pictures, can't wait to continue to watch him grow. Miss and love you all. xoxo

Julie Zoellner

These are so beautiful! Kingston is already so handsome I can't wait to see you both!


Kingston is adorable! I love the pictures.


Adorable photos! What a beautiful family.


The pictures are so beautiful! I can't decide on a favorite. Kingston looks so adorable.Je

Hillary Schmitt

The pictures are adorable! We can’t wait to meet our little nephew. Thanks for sharing, love and miss you guys!

Chris Lebowitz

What a beautiful family. The photos are so artistic and capture the beauty of Kingston. I know I could not pick a favorite; I want them all!
Grandmother Lebowitz

Nate Maruca

Great job of capturing the essence of beauty. Amazing use of lighting in this set of photographs. Can't wait to see more of them!

Bernadette Schmitt

What great pictures. It really shows how cute Kingston is. I wish I could be there with you however the pictures made me so happy.
Grandma Schmitt

Barry Schmitt

Great job Sarah. What a great family and you really showed how happy they are. We love you and miss all of you.
Grandpa Schmitt

Barry Schmitt

So happy everything is so great. Beautiful mother and baby. Can't wait to see you guys. Uncle Kevin

Roni Melnick

Wonderful pictures. Sweet smiles, and a beautiful family. I appreciate you sharing the lovely photos, and if I ever have grandchildren I know who to call.

Barbara R.

I love each and every picture. As I was looking at them I was thinking "This is my favorite!" Then I would get to the next one and think the same thing. Amazing family and beautiful photography!

Beverly Malmberg

Too cute! Too funny! Too much! Adorable pix of Kingston, Jen, Andrew, and Meekus--a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the joy.
Bev and Rick

Jennifer Fowler

I love the pictures! Kingston's smile melts my heart and I think the Meekus and Kingston shot steals the show. What a lovely new family. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

Nancy Schwartz

That hair IS amazing! Congratulations Jen and Andrew. Thanks for sharing these incredible photos. Applause for Sarah.

Nancy Malmberg

Incredible photos, incredible family...What fun to watch another generation. Thanks for including us.
Nancy & John

Jami Swanky

Truly Wonderful Sarah... Your breathtaking photos have captured the sweet innocence and beauty of Kingston. As well as Jenn and Andrews endless LOVE for him... JUST BRILLIANT!!!! lOVE YOU guys, Jami

Steve Simmons

The pictures are great. What a handsome family!


Carrie Trejo

The pictures are wonderful. You all look great, especially Kingston!

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